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Credit Investigation Services Philippines


Bad Debt Collection


Pre-Employment Background Check

Property Search

Field Project Inspection (M&E-Monitoring & Evaluation)


QuickBooks Online (QBO) Bookkeeping (AR, AP, Payroll, GL, etc.)


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Inteliasia CIS

handle your credit investigation & related tasks as you concentrate more on your core competencies...



We are a solution provider of Business Intelligence Reports delivered at your fingertips!


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Our history

I N T E L I A S I A  C I S  is a dynamic company poised to serve the requirements of the premier business establishments in the country and even from other countries.


We traced back our humble beginning more than 15 years ago providing credit reports to prestigious clients in Makati City. More and more companies became interested in our products and we evolved to become one of the sought-after business intelligence solution providers in the country, today.


Our company is a brainchild of professionals with extensive exposure in Credit and Collection Management and Human Resources Management. We are staffed with highly trained and skilled field credit investigators, researchers, bookkeepers, accountants, and liaison officers providing a high quality of work. Our office is located at 792 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City, and maintains field correspondents in major cities nationwide. Our products are delivered at a quick turnaround time in softcopy (PDF) while our bookkeeping and accounting services may be completed at our office or at your company premises depending on the client’s requirements.


Over the years, we had developed very effective strategies in gathering information both in the field and exhaustive research that is necessary for the assessment of the creditworthiness of a borrower or to provide information that will help the manager in making an intelligent decision. Our report format is concise and very informative. It is also tailored according to the client’s specifications. We also provide an assessment and a recommendation.



  1. We are Well-trusted by our respected clients here in the Philippines and financial centers abroad.
  2. We have linkages with various companies and institutions in the industry worldwide.
  3. Our team of professionals is bounded by the company's honor code.
  4. We have faster Turn-Around-Time (TAT) reports.
  5. We have flexible reporting.
  6. Reports are tailored according to the client's specifications and requests.
  7. We utilize data analysis and concise but very informative reporting.
  8. The sources of our reports are verified and validated.
  9. We have a well-experienced and dedicated team of experts in the industry.
  10. We think out of the box! We employ various strategies in order to get good results.
  11. We adhere to quality standards and best practices.
  12. We pursue continued competency development for the next generation of professionals.
  13. We have teamwork to get things done. We think like the gears in various machines simultaneously working together in order to move forward and reach greater heights!







The 6C's of CREDIT


- Compliance with the signed Purchase Agreement
- Paying on time


- Source of payment
- Considering all sources of income


- Equity (Down Payment)


- External & internal status of the credit
applicant and how it will affect his/her


- Secondary source of repayment


- “Whom you know”

- Supplier/credit references

- Membership with prestigious organizations

- Religion
- Could make or break your credit




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